Almond Butter Sachet


As we don’t want you to miss our Almond Butter at any time of the day, here’s the perfect serving to spread on rice crackers or use as a topping on bananas!


At I´M NAT we believe that nature knows best, so we wanted to toast and grind Spanish and American almonds and mix them in the right dose until we get a surprisingly delicious flavor! Result: we made a paste with the right amounts of sweetness and oil, making it perfect for spreading on rice crackers or mixing with bananas! Are you already imagining your next snack with almond paste?


Amêndoa (99,7%), sal marinho. Contém frutos de casca rija (amêndoa). Pode conter vestígios de amendoins e outros frutos de casca rija.

Additional information

Weight 35 g

Saqueta 30g, Caixa 20 x 30g (10% Desc)