Algarve Almond 1kg
Algarve Almond Toasted 1kg

Algarve Almond Toasted 1kg


Algarve almonds with skin, slowly roasted.


With their unmistakable flavour, I'M NAT almonds are the special ingredient for your recipes. Our almonds from local suppliers are carefully selected by us, slowly roasted and then packed in this industrial format. This way, we guarantee that they have all the crunch and taste as if they were freshly roasted! This way you can give a special touch to your cakes or snacks, keeping the characteristic aroma of this dried fruit from the Algarve.


Almond. May contain traces of other nuts and groundnuts.

Average Nutrition Declaration per 100g:

Algarve Almond in Husk 1kg


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Weight 1208 g