We ship to any country in Europe. Delivery time and shipping cost may vary between countries.
For everything to arrive safely, we send only via CTT, by registered mail.

For mainland Portugal and mainland Spain:
– Via CTT (by registered mail) or via carrier (Nacex).
For Islands of Portugal and Spain and the rest of Europe:
– Via CTT (by registered mail).


If payment is made by 2 pm on the same day:
– Via carrier (Nacex): 24 hours and receive your products.
– Via CTT (by registered mail):
For Mainland Portugal: About 1 working day.
For Azores and Madeira: About two working days.
For the rest of Europe: About three working days.

The deadlines indicated via CTT are indicative. They may be extended depending on
transport limitations.

Through the code received via e-mail and making the consultation on the Nacex website or on the CTT website, depending on the shipping option selected.

Shipping costs vary depending on the weight of the order and the country of destination of the order. They will be calculated automatically at the time of purchase.

Continental Portugal: 30,00 eur.
Azores and Madeira: 80.00 eur.Spain – Islands: 80.00 eur.
Continental Spain: 60.00 eur.
Remaining Europe: 100,00 eur.

If you have a promotional code, you can enter it at the end of the purchase, just before payment.

Our orders start to be prepared right after we have confirmed the payment, so we will not be able to change orders that are already ready. If you made a mistake in your order, get in touch with us immediately and we try to solve it.

We do not accept returns on purchases made on our online store.


Our products are not organic, despite being made from natural ingredients and knowing all our local producers very well.

All of our products are Gluten Free, that is, they are free from gluten contamination (<20ppm). Although the majority of our customers are not intolerant to gluten, we do not recommend its consumption, and that is why gluten does not enter our factory!

All of our products are suitable for Vegetarians, and most of them are also Vegan, but always confirm or if you have any doubts, get in touch with us.

Yes! (this answer fills us with pride) Our nut pastes consist mainly of roasted nuts, containing no sugars, palm oil or any other type of preservative, so they are a natural source of protein (vegetable) and healthy fats (monounsaturated), as well as fiber. By including our pastes in your diet, you are making your diet healthier and more balanced, and also richer in nutrients and energy for your day!

Esta é uma ótima ideia antes de colocares o teu frasco no ecoponto amarelo. Os cães adoram manteiga de amendoim a nossa é feita apenas com amendoins e um pouco de sal marinho natural, por isso só vai fazer bem partilhares com ele o delicioso sabor da nossa manteiga de amendoim I’M NAT!

Although we are committed to minimizing our ecological footprint on the planet, we choose PET plastic mainly for 3 reasons: it is more resistant to transport (and so your order reaches you in one piece), because it is lighter, and because it is a 100% recyclable. We are always looking for new solutions that will allow us to improve our commitment to the environment, so if you have suggestions, send us a message.


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