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We started on the kitchen counter of Miguel Rodrigues parents. Miguel has always had a taste for well-being and healthy food and that is why he had this idea of creating a healthy almond paste using the almonds of his region as well as other local ingredients with unparalleled quality that make this area of Portugal known.

After many experiences, we managed to get there, and today we have a very careful production process that uses only natural ingredients and manages to preserve the maximum quality and flavor of all products. Instead of I’M NAT they could call us natural delights. We would gladly accept.

Our mission is to continue to create natural, tasty and honest products, so that your eating habits are like ours, increasingly healthy.

We know that the quality of the ingredients is fundamental and it is with this idea that, in 2017, we started looking for local producers to guarantee that quality. In 2018 our almond paste was already a classic in the “algarvios” breakfasts andin 2019 we were in the mouth of the whole country!

At this time we were preparing to take a big leap with a new name and new image. I’M NAT! In English, because naturally, we want to go around the world! 


Miguel, the most fit of the “group”, being the boss has to set an example, despite eating like an elephant after the sunset.

He is the father of I’M NAT, where all the effort and dedication are seen with the naked eye.

Favorite product: Cashew Butter

Best feature: After a day fasting, there is no flavor that escapes him. 

José, the “alentejano” knight, responsible for control and quality of our delights. Here he looks like a serious guy but actually says he’s the next famous comedian of the Algarve.

Favorite Product: Cocoa & Walnut Bar

Best Feature: He is disorganized in an organized way. It looks like a tornado has passed where he touches but he says he knows where everything is.

Katherine, miss marketing and communication. She has a daughter that devours Almond Butter, so she can never run out of stock at home and has already promised that her next tattoo is two almonds.

Favorite Product: Almond Butter

Best feature: She’s practical in everything she does, that’s why she chose to have artificial plants on her desk. 


We believe that creating healthy products with natural ingredients helps us to have a more balanced diet, maintaining the characteristic flavor of almonds, cashews or peanuts.

That’s why whenever they take a bite out of I’M NAT, they’re supporting local production, (which is a great excuse to eat all of our products, several times a day.) 


In case you’re eating I’M NAT and wondering how something so tasty can be healthy, we can explain:

Our products are made from natural ingredients and processed as little as possible, in order to reduce what is bad and improve what is good. 


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